No-cook “tortilla chips” are a great toddler snack

Rachel‘s come up with a way to turn those singleton tortillas into a relatively mess-free, portable toddler snack:

I’m always having trouble coming up with enticing snacks for my 16 mo. old that aren’t sugary and/or a choking hazard. A good savory snack, fine alone or as a vehicle for hummus or ranch dressing–and which incidentally fit nicely into a Snack Trap –, is a whole wheat tortilla cut into bite sized pieces with a pizza cutter. I first cut 1/2" strips and then stack those strips, slicing them quickly every 1/2" to make little "chips" that are soft, not crunchy, so low risk for choking. They do get hard after being left out for a few hours, so keep them in a sealed storage container until ready to be eaten. She really enjoys them and I can make a batch in a few seconds. It’s nice not to have to purchase a separate box of something to take up more room in my pantry, but can use the tortillas I’d be buying for us anyway.

Snack Trap for tidy munching
Homemade no-spill snack box


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    We do this all the time! When we are in the mood for crunchy, just a few minutes at 300F in the toaster oven crisps them right up. You can salt them if you want, but they are yummy plain too.

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    If your not peanut averse, smear a thin layer between separate halves of the tortilla to inject a little more protein.