links for 2008-04-15


  1. cs white says

    Just wanted to vouch for the GoGo Kidz Travelmate – we were stuck in the airport from 9:30am until 5:00pm 2 weeks ago with our 18 month old son, his Britax Marathon and the Travelmate. I don’t think we would have made it having to lug the carseat around all day while trying to amuse the boy…

  2. mikey says

    As the first commenter said, the Travelmate is SO worth it. I was strategizing about how to travel across the country with a 10-month old two years ago, not wanting to look overloaded with strollers, seats, backpacks and such weighing me down when I first came across this. It was that “a-ha!” item that made the whole trip much easier. It’s now been on a dozen more trips and it still makes things so much easier; my now 3-year old wants to push the seat through the airport — it makes it fun for her.

    And, I get so many comments from other travelers like “where did you get that?” and “I wish I had had that for my kids.” Seriously GoGoKids needs to send along those pass-along business cards like Bose includes with their headphones (the ones that say “Many of our customers get asked by other travelers about their ____, so here is a card you can give to them to let them know where they can get their own.”

  3. Sandy says

    I love the kids camera buying guide. I vouch for buying them a real camera. We got my son an old Canon PowerShot SD300 off ebay for only $50, and it was one of the best purchases ever. He loves having a real camera that’s easy to use, and I love having some great, keepsake-worthy photos that he’s taken!