Line the potty with paper to make it easier to clean

Ah, yes. Cleaning out the potty chair. One of the greater joys of parenting, wouldn’t you agree? Here’s Preschool Mama’s tip for speeding up the job:

When I was training my son, I used to line the potty with a thick paper towel before he used it. It made cleaning the potty so much easier. A little water standing in the potty before he uses it also simplified things.

How about lining it with toilet paper? Then you could just dump the whole shebang into the toilet and do minor cleanup with a flushable wipe.

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  1. San says

    This is a great idea. Another option is to line the bottom with shredded paper from the office or torn newspaper. These are cheaper and you won’t have to worry about how much or how often you use them. Make sure your baby’s butt do not come into contact with them though. It may make those with sensetive skin itch.

  2. says

    During those scary potty training years, I always, always kept a potty chair in the car and lined it with old diapers when it was called into service. The diapers absorbed all the (ahem) liquid and made disposal in a ziploc bag much, much easier. Wipe the chair out with a disinfecting wipe and it’s ready to roll again in a matter of seconds!

  3. conedude13 says

    Agreed, this is a great idea, very simple and yet i never even thought of it.

    And as for TP vs. PT, lazy daddies, myself included, put either down the toilet. Even wipes!! MWA HA HA HA!!!

  4. says

    We just skipped the potty chair and went right to the toilet seat adaptor. You can flush away the yuckies, and don’t have to worry about converting them later.

  5. says

    The best idea: A COFFEE FILTER. I wish I could take credit for this hack, but I got it from my mother-in-law. It’s the exact size and thickness that you need for the potty.

  6. EC mom says

    We got a mini-sprayer, which just attached to the toilet and uses its water supply. Cheap, easy to install, and no hands in the potty until after everything’s hosed down. Then a little disinfectant spray and we’re done. I got that from some other EC mommies – they know their, ahem, stuff.

  7. Dawn Smith says

    Will the coffee filters absorb…or will they allow the pee to filter thru too?

    And wait a minute…are diaper wipes flushable? That would save me some work to know that they don’t clog the plumbing!