Label breastmilk bottles with electrical tape

Heather’s handy tip for pumpers:

I use white electrical tape to label my bottles of pumped breast milk with the time and date. It’s economical, and the tape comes off very easily. I recommend writing in a ballpoint pen because it doesn’t rub off. I also recommend cutting a piece first, sticking on the kitchen counter and then writing the time and date.

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  1. mh says

    Reading this hack brought back so many memories of pumping. i remember using blue painter’s tape and a black fine point sharpie … or just writing on the storage bags. I remember writing the date and amount of milk, so i could know at a glance how much I had.

  2. Michelle says

    I used painter’s tape, as well. It peels off, leaving no sticky residue, unlike masking or scotch tape.

    Now, for containers and sippies, I just use a sharpie to write their names. A couple of turns through the dishwasher, voila! Time to rewrite.

  3. says

    I would be super-careful with this since electrical tape often contains lead and since it’s made of PVC, phthalates. Both of which are harmful!
    Stick to painter’s tape (no pun intended….)!

  4. Jennifer Emick says

    The container store makes nifty washable labels that erase, if anyone’s up for spending a couple bucks on the idea…

  5. says

    I’ve always used a wax pencil to write directly on the breast milk bottles and when I washed them, it was easy to just wash off the writing.

  6. Liz BK says

    I’ve been using the removable See Through Color Dots made by Avery, available at office supply stores. They peel off easily before you wash the bottle. No cutting, and you can even write a week’s worth of labels in advance. I keep the whole sheet on my fridge door.

  7. says

    I have one of those small magnetic dry erase boards on the fridge that I will write down which bottle or container (brief description)then the amount usually and date I pumped. This way it just wipes away and I can start over fresh each time. When a bottle or container is taken out of the fridge (if there is more than one) that one being taken out gets crossed off the list.

  8. says

    I used those clear little post-it tabs labeled for the day of the week: Monday through Sunday (maybe two labels for each day depending on frequency then it’s Monday am and Monday pm). Since we’d never keep milk in the fridge for that long (straight to baby or freezer), it was easy to reuse them. We stuck the unused ones on the fridge and I was so happy to toss them a week ago.