Ketchup bottle as hair washer

Here’s how Michelle of CoolMomsCare reuses empty squeeze bottles:

I have always struggled in rinsing my little girl’s hair in the bathtub without getting soap in her eyes or in her ears. Her hair is really long, so one or two rinses do not work. I decided to rinse one of our old ketchup bottle and take a try. It allows me to direct the rinsing to specific places and it keeps it our of her eyes and ears.

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  1. Amy Michelle T. says

    Genius! I’m kicking myself for not thinking of this myself. My daughter just doesn’t get the “tilt your head back” thing yet and is always climbing the walls when the water gets in her eyes. I’m trying this a.s.a.p.

  2. Annette says

    I use the peri squeeze bottles that I received at the hospital when my son was born for this purpose. They have multiple holes in the squirter part (?) so the water comes out more like a little shower than one solid stream.

  3. Turi says

    I use a toy watering can, which my daughter likes to play with in the tub anyway. The squirt bottle sounds like it might have some directional advantages, though.

  4. Sylvia says

    Yup- and I use one of the big blue “booger suckers” (can’t remember the real name, and we never used it for snots), which also makes a fabulous bath toy. Lord knows (or nose,ha!) that they don’t really work that well for boogers! His hair isn’t very long yet, so this is perfect.

  5. says

    My mother used an old Log Cabin pancake syrup bottle to dispense soy sauce.

    One morning, we were served soy sauce on our waffles. My mom hadn’t been in the greatest mood lately, so my sisters and I didn’t dare say a word. We ate our soy sauce waffles that morning!

  6. says

    What a wonderful idea! I use a cup, and it’s not easy. I’m definitely going with this squirt bottle idea. Thanks!!