Keep track of medicine dosage by writing on the foil pack

We’ve had so many good suggestions for how to keep track of medicine dosages. Here’s Stacy’s, specific to pills that come in little foil packs:

I can never remember whether pills that need to be taken daily (antibiotics, etc) have actually been ingested, and I have to wrack my brain to try and remember. So when I receive the foil pack of pills I take out my trusted Sharpie marker and write the day of the week and date (ex: Mo 2/25) over each pill on the foil side. That way if I can’t recall giving or taking a pill, I can just whip out the pack and double check (the blister has been broken)! If a pill needs to be taken say, 3 times a day, then I just note "1, 2, 3" next to the date. It works perfectly for me, and saves all the worry I used to go through. Plus, it also means have records of when the medication was begun and ended (which could also be noted on the carton and filed away).

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  1. Jo says

    How weird – literally just did this with some antibiotics have just been prescribed – great minds think alike – am 33 weeks pregnant and with a 2 year old, so my brain is like a sieve at the moment. It really work!