Keep that bib on with a clothespin

From Melody:

My 12-month-old is becoming an expert at ripping off her bib about 3 seconds after we put it on at the beginning of a meal. Yesterday I used a clothespin to clip the bib together, and she couldn’t get if off, despite much concerted effort. Take that, baby!

Clothespin keeps onesie flaps from dropping into the toilet
Use sheet holder "suspenders" as makeshift bib clips


  1. says

    My son is the same way. I keep a few oversized stained shirts on hand to slip over his clothes. I can roll up the bottom when he is done to get it off without smothering his head in yogurt. (Not that he doesn’t manage to smother it himself.)

  2. ashlye says

    We used the old clothespin trick for quite a long time until my little darling figured that out too. Now, I use a large safety pin to attach a cloth diaper lengthwise down my daughter’s front. I had a ton of cloth diapers (that I used as burp cloths) from when my daugther was an infant and felt they needed to be put to good use. The diapers are perfect bibs. They have extra layers in the middle that catch liquid spills and give you time to change bibs before soaking through to your child’s clothing. They are relatively inexpensive, easy to launder and roll up to fit nicely in the diaper bag. The best part about using a diaper as a bib is that it covers the entire front of my child when she is sitting in a high chair, booster seat, car seat, etc. This allows her entire shirt to be covered when she is eating and protects those super-cute outfits.

  3. key typer says

    We had some of those annoying bibs that the velcro gave out on and I had to find a way to make them stay on. I used one of those really small office clips. It worked great!! it held tight and folded small on the bib, so even if my boy “bonked” back in his seat, it didn’t poke into him or scratch him. They are cheap , I got a bunch in assorted sizes b/c they also work great as snack bag closers ans awesome inside of cereal boxes to keep contents fresh and spillproof. Best three bucks I ever spent at the office store.

  4. Travis says

    We use dental bib clips (alligator clips) to attach a paper napkin around our boys necks during meal times. These work so well for protecting their clothing and they are perfect both at home and for using at restaurants. We buy the extra large paper napkins so the coverage is maximized. No stains on shirts!

  5. Dan says

    We require our 3 boys (ages 7, 9. & 11)to tuck a paper napkin in their shirt collar during meals because they can’t get throuh a meal without staining their shirts. We got tired of having to scrub stains out or even throwing away good clothing. I like the idea of using dental bib clips,too. Sounds like a good way to make sure the paper napkin stays in place.

  6. Checks says

    My 2 year old refuses to wear a bib now. She found out how to pull them off, even when I clipped them-and I refused to stab her with a safety pin while I pinned it that way. She still gets it on her shirts, though she is much better. Now I need to worry about her pants. Any hacks on keeping the pants clean too?

  7. Tony says

    I come from a big Italian family. Paper napkins are worn tucked around the neck like a bib during most meals. I guess it is tradition and it is not optional in our family.

  8. Tanny says

    My 11 year old son can hardly get through a meal without getting some type of food stain on his shirt. I went on-line and ordered a case of paper dental bibs and several sets of bib clips and now I make him wear the paper napkin during mealtimes. At first my husband thought I was crazy for ordering dental bibs, but they are made from very absorbant paper and they are very cost effective. If my son doesn’t get the napkin bib dirty, I’ll have him reuse it. Also, my son seems to be happy that he is not ruining his shirts anymore. My suggestion is to clip the narrow end of the napkin around the neck and you’ll get the best coverage as the paper will cover from neck to thighs.