KABOOST: Boost the chair instead of the kid

Several Parenthackers have mentioned the KABOOST as a great hack, but for some reason I don’t see a post about it in the archives! No longer! From Sharon:

I recently purchased a KABOOST from Amazon. KABOOST is a amazing invention for people who do not want to use booster seats at the kitchen table — it boosts the chair (it fits onto the legs of the chair) instead of the child. I have used booster seats for some time now and I hate cleaning them. No more!


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    This is such a great idea! I wish someone would have told us when we did all of the baby registering to NOT get a high chair. The baby outgrew it super fast…and moved up into a booster. I didn’t know that if you choose the right booster you could use it from the beginning! Now I’ve got a giant ugly highchair hanging out in my garage!

  2. T Gilbert says

    I can’t agree more! We bought a Kaboost from Amazon a few months ago. We have absolutely loved it. It’s nice to have the chair boosted rather than child. No more cleaning the booster seat has made my wife very happy!

    I highly recommend the kaboost!

  3. Erin says

    We purchased this for our 19 month old and she/we absolutely love it. She’s sitting in a chair just like Mama and Dada now and it’s at the perfect height for her and since it has 2 height levels it will last for years to come, great product!!

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    This is on my daughter’s birthday list and I really hope that someone buys it for her, otherwise I will have to go find it myself!! I can’t wait to have one (I could actually use 2 or 3 of them with all my little kiddos!!

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    There are so many great products on the market now. Thanks for bringing yet another to our intention! Kaboost looks like a must have for all parents and even grandparents. Julie for WOW!

  6. Tim Josephson says

    We got one a few months ago and we love it. My daughter loves sitting just like mommy & daddy! It replaced a chair-mounted high chair, so we have not needed any amount of extra furniture in the house.

    One word of caution, however: the Kaboost is not meant for chairs without square legs. What I mean by that is that the 4 legs must be square with each other, not out at an angle. Ours are at a slight angle, but any more and it wouldn’t be stable. Fortunately the tight spring-loaded action holds the Kaboost in place!

    Oh yeah, installing this is way easier with two people.

  7. hedra says

    Would a toddler need a step-stool to get into/out of this? It looks like it would make it quite high.

    We’re into having the child feel able, and while I detest booster cleanup (the gaps are astounding! Who designs these things?), I like having an ‘at-table’ option that they can climb into (climbing up into the booster with the chair bottom as a ledge). And out of, when I unbuckle them or otherwise release them from the safety-device du jour.

    Thoughts? Not that I need one now, as the kids are all in regular chairs now, but for future reference…

  8. katherine says

    I thought about getting one of these for my 2 yr old, but he’s into getting on and off of the chair by himself (ergo, Boosters, even the cooshie booster, were a no-go). Maybe for a less squirmy kid, this would be great…but for us, not so much.

    very cool idea, thougth!

  9. julie says

    I have a KABOOST and it is great! I was nervous about buying KABOOST bc I have very unusual shaped legs on my chair and it worked great! I had to menuver the KABOOST a bit but it fit perfectly and my 2 year old and 4 year old loves it!

  10. says

    I love the idea of the kaboost, but the kid in the picture looks a little small not to be belted to the chair… that said, my 2 1/2 year old refuses a booster and sits on his knees, which is anatomically a bad choice. We may have to check this out for him!


  11. Erin says

    The above poster asked about getting in and out of the chair with Kaboost on it, and yes my daughter does it. The Kaboost flairs out on the part that goes on the floor and the part that holds in the legs. She uses that part as a step stool and gets up on the chair. She is under 2 years old. Great, great product!

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    We have used the tall AGAM ikea chair for many years, I think it’s a great buy – in the UK it’s only £20 which is very cheap and it lets the child sit at the table on a ‘normal’ chair. My daughter takes hers around the house, to the computer, or the kitchen table for colouring as well as for eating.
    there is a bar they can use to get up and down on their own.

  13. Laura J. says

    I have a Kaboost for my 3-year-old and love it. He’s consistently refused any kind of booster (making him a little too low for the table), but loves the Kaboost. It is very sturdy – he climbs in and out of the Kaboost-ed chair on his own multiple times a day, and the thing doesn’t even wobble.

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    This is a nice idea. For us, we just added 2 phone books under the back of a chair. We only needed to level things out so our son’s sippy bottle wouldn’t side down and fall on to the floor.