30 April 2008

Flip Ultra Camcorder $47 cheaper today only (another Amazon deal)

I try to share only the most relevant Amazon deals here (this isn't Amazon Hacks after all) -- but I had to let you know about today's one-day deal: the adorable Flip Ultra Video Camcorder is 26% off ($132.99). The Flip has been reviewed here on Parent Hacks and is one of my favorite Mother's Day gift ideas.

[Edited to add]: Some Parenthackers commented that this isn't such a great price after all...Amazon's had it lower in the past. Now I'm feeling like a gullible consumer who got duped by marketing hype...sorry I passed it onto you, folks. Based on the comments, I DID find RefundPlease.com, a site that tracks the prices of your Amazon purchases and lets you know if they go down in the next 30 days (so you can apply for a refund). -- Ed.

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Am I imagining things or is this more than they were going for last week? I've had one on my wish list and the last time I looked I could have sworn they were cheaper than this.

Summer: Perhaps you were looking at the lower-end version -- the Flip Video? This is the Flip Video ULTRA -- more internal memory, larger screen dimension, etc.

Please be aware that these cameras don't play nice with Macs. There are some work arounds to get things working semi-smoothly. The key for Mac users is to make sure you install the 3ivx codec for macs (included on the camera) and then get QT Amateur (free) installed. Pull videos directly off of your camera instead of using the built-in software. Use QT Amateur to save the videos out as QuickTime movies. Then you can edit them in iMovie. Just make sure to export from iMovie using QuickTime and save again as a QuickTime movie. If you don't want to edit the videos, you can just pull them directly from the camera and then save or post to any number of video sharing sites.

Uhh, sorry to burst your bubble, but this is actually MORE expensive than what it was on Monday.

I know, because I bought it on Monday, and confirmed my receipt of $119 for the 60 minute Ultra.

Well, THIS is embarrassing. Thank you for following up on this, Scott. If anyone knows of good Flip deals elsewhere, please share.

Tangent: have you seen this?


Tracks Amazon prices so you can get a refund if the price drops in 30 days or less!

This isn't a sale. I got mine for approximately this price a few months ago.

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