17 April 2008

Empty formula cans make perfect bedside table wastebaskets

So smart! From Janette:

Empty formula cans [Any cans, really. -- Ed.] are the perfect size to use as bedside/lazyboy side trash cans when you have a cold. In the morning, you can just throw it, and all your nasty tissues, away.

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Um, shouldn't that be "take the tissues out, and recycle the can"?

Thanks for this! I knew there was SOMETHING I could be doing with these cans!

Hmmmm. I've been under the impression that the formula cans were composed of mixed materials: paper, plastic coating and metal and cannot be recycled easily.

I've just been using them to dispose of "poopie" diapers.

Oops, I forgot to say that I love the trash can hack. :)

I've also used the empty formula cans to hold baby cereal as the boxes have never kept it fresh for long, plus the formula scoop works just as well for the cereal!

Put the lids back on the fromula cans, then turn them upside down to use for the babys/todlers drum kit. Give them a wooden spoons and that will keep the happy for ages.


We used to cut a hole in the lid and use the cans to hold our spare change, and to make piggy banks for the kids. It could be a whole craft project with decorating them. :)

My dad is using my empty formula cans to store miracle grow for outside use. The scoop also works great for measuring out the miracle grow.

hi, my baby loves to play with the milk fomula's can..so i just clean the empty one and let her play with it. she loves to hit the top or bottom to make noise..or may be what she thinks is music. its so much fun for her, as if she is playing the drum. :)

I came up with a cool art project for the formula cans. My daughter and I paint them and use stencils to make designs on them. Instant candle holder! There are all kinds of ways to do it. You can make it look "antique" by crumpling up tissue paper and gluing it on then painting over it. Also, use a nail and hammer to punch holes in a shape or design for a luminary! Oh yeah, they make good penny jars too!

I use my old cans for rice and oatmeal cereal it keeps it fresh i even use the formula measures to measure out the cereal its easy and i get the same amount everytime.

You could also decorate the outside of the can with contact paper and use it to store kid supplies, like playdough materials, crayons, markers, glue, legos, etc. put stickers on have fun.

i save all the cans of formula and when the baby has his first bday party we use them as candy cans..instead of the bags..and just decoratce them..and if we have too many we also use them to put any thing like lemons, limes, salsa, ect. It saves a ton of money and its a neat idea..you can even decorate them and use them as a center piece..

I just thought of a great use...........cut a hole in the top of the lid and store plastic grocery bags.........either reuse the bags or return them to the store for recycling. Some cans are recyclable. I use the Sam's brand for my daughter....they are made of steel.

I decorate the cans and use them to hold my scrapbooking supplies. (scissors, pens, pencils, ribbon, etc)

I love to use my old cans to store coffee. I buy it in the bags and it never keeps very long. Plus, the scoop is perfect for measuring it out.

I use my empty cans to store parts of my baby's bottles. i use the dr. browns bottles and they come with a bunch of different parts. im a neat freak so this works really well for me.

I use it to store cleaned bottle nipples and cereal for the box. It's much easier to spoon the dry cereal out of a can that from the box.

There are some great ideas here!! I have been using the larger size cans to hold oil that I drain from cooking hamburger.

Great ideas... lead me to think of a whole lot of ideas to use for all the empty tins.
Flour, Sugar etc.
Kids colouring tools
Cookie cutters.

I am going to print out a whole lot of images (so I can easily tell which cans which) and have a fun afternoon sticking them on with the kids.

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