Drape an old sweatshirt over wooden chairs to protect them from booster scratches

Sarah’s tip for protecting wooden chairs from strap-on booster seats:

My son uses the Fisher Price Healthy Care Booster Seat (recommended by parenthacks). We love the chair, but have two problems: (1) the back of the booster seat cuts into our wooden dining chairs leaving notches, and (2) our dining chairs get really messy really fast. I’ve tried draping a towel over the back of the chair, but it seems to fall off pretty easily no matter what I do. So I started draping an old sweatshirt over the back of the chair. The thickness of the sweatshirt keeps our dining chairs from being marred, and I can quickly slip the sweatshirt off to wash it and put it back on (but it doesn’t fall off).

I’ve also draped t-shirts over the back of the seats in our van to keep sticky fingers/muddy dog paws from getting all over the seats.

I do indeed love the Healthy Care booster seat — each of my kids used it as older babies and toddlers. My daughter is now a petite preschooler and still needs a boost, but not the straps, so we switched to the BabySmart Cooshie booster –nice, soft foam, no more scratches.

Another fun alternative: The Fred Boost (a Parent Hacks Store Featured Find last year)– shaped like the yellow pages!

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  1. says

    We use both of these and love them. The cushy booster is wonderful, but I have noticed that it ruined the finish on the chair it was most used on. It seemed to have somehow ‘fused’ to the seat leaving a dark film.

    We now have cushions on all the chairs, so it isn’t that big of a deal. Although I wouldn’t recommend using it straight on a wood finish chair unless they are protected with the t-shirt idea above.

  2. Jasi says

    Can’t say enough about the FP Healthy Seat. SO WISH we hadn’t bought the expensive high chair first (and tossed the box!!!).

    She won’t be strapped into Laura Ashley splendor, but has a discriminating taste for neon colored plastics. Such a huge bummer.

  3. PDX mom says

    Instead of having not-so-nice looking t-shirts hanging around your dining room, you should try Kaboost (a cool product that elevates just about any chair to the right table height VERY stably). We have one and it works great. No ugly plastic boosters or concerns about marred chairs.