Best of Parent Hacks: Garden fever

Sun! Warmth! Flowers! It’s all happening around here, and I’m dancing a little jig in my back yard. Last year, the kids and I scattered a single packet of mixed seeds (encouragingly named "Children’s Garden") and got a whole patch of poppies, zinnias and other cheerful flowers for our trouble. Better yet…that patch is full again this year because the garden went to seed last fall. Best $1.69 I’ve spent in a while.

Are you as excited about getting back to the garden as I am? Find some inspiration here: creating a kid-friendly garden. Get your kids working: pay them a penny per weed. Still too cold or wet to dig around outside? Start a berry box mini-greenhouse. Enjoy!


  1. hedra says

    Just added a rose bush each to two of the kids’ gardens (M’s and R’s). The garden gloves are out (M uses the el-cheap-o knit mittens for garden gloves, R has ‘real’ gloves), the mucking about in mud has begun! Woo!