Baseball cap + a clip-on light = a better bedtime reading lamp

Energizer LED Book Light Brian's a smart guy and a good storyteller:

Thing 1 wants the bedtime story. Thing 2 is kept awake by the light spilling into his room from Thing 1's light. Can't turn off the light in Thing 1's room, though. A flashlight means giving up the use of a hand, and those mini-gooseneck lamps that clip on to books tend to lose their "gooseneckiness" over time. But if you don't mind wearing a baseball cap for a few minutes before bedtime, the tiny clip-on lamps from Eveready you see at point-of-purchase displays work wonderfully.

Another option: the head-mounted flashlight. Did you know there is such a thing?

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  1. Tiffany says

    THANK YOU BRIAN!!! My 7-yr-old reads and reads and reads some more. This is great, but bed time is a struggle with the light. I will definitely try to talk her into wearing a hat.