Amazon Friday sale 4/25/08: Fitness ball, swim diapers, Victorinox

Parenthacker-friendly picks in today’s packed Amazon Friday sale:

More Huggies Little Swimmers disposable swim diapers (size Small, 16-24 lbs, two 12-count packages) for $14.99 (25% off).

Lots of Parenthackers have talked about how versatile a fitness ball can be — for exercise, playtime, and bouncing restless babies. Natural Fitness, the company that makes this particular ball, has pledged itself to offset the environmental impact of the manufacture and distribution of its products. You can read about their Zero Impact Program on the Amazon page. Today, this 55-cm fitness ball is $19.99 (33% off).

A good-looking Victorinox Swiss Army Knife (the Deluxe Tinker) is 50% off ($24.99). This one is geared toward the engineer, with wire snips/pliers, a Phillips-head screwdriver, a wire stripper, and 14 more tools.

Prices are good today only.