Wristbands keep sleeves out of the way for craft time

Tracy has a clever method for keeping sleeves clean:

We use old wristbands (although I'm sure some of your readers could get creative with other items) to hold sleeves up during craft time at home. This could be used during eating time too.

Old socks as arm-dribble catchers
Old tube socks protect wrists from snow


  1. Hilary S says

    Ha! I was always having problems with my own sleeves getting messy during feeding times, and even bathtime, or while washing dishes. I used some of my hair scrunchies – sort of like a sleeve garter. Wish I’d had wristbands instead – they’d look cooler!

  2. Kimberly C says

    I used to work retail and always wore long sleeves. Some shirts have “bell sleeves” that you can’t roll easily, so I used the bigger diameter cheapo rubber bands to keep them up. It might not work for kids, but it’s an idea.