Use a funnel to fill baby bottles (duh)

Zulima’s hack made me laugh –

I don’t know if this has been mentioned before, but I use a funnel to fill up my baby’s bottle. "What," you say! Yes, I am a butterfingers and when the milk gallon is new and quite full, I will end up spilling some of it when I pour milk into the tiny baby bottle. So one night while trying to sleep it hit me: place a funnel in the baby bottle no spilled milk, no more crying over spilling it (get it?) and a larger target to aim for when pouring! I can’t believe it took me 12 months to think of it!

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  1. NikiGee says

    I discovered, in those hazy first weeks after my daughter’s birth, that a wide neck funnel ensured the powered formula would actually make it into the narrow necked bottles. Later, I discovered that an iced tea spoon is perfect for mixing formula in the tall and skinny 8 oz. bottles.

  2. Kari says

    When I was nursing my son as an infant, I would have to pump and send breastmilk in bottles to his babysitter when I had to go back to teaching. I had such a hard time pumping that every drop was precious. Imagine my dismay in pouring breastmilk into a bottle one morning out of the storage bag and having it tumble the bottle over on the counter and spill 8 hard pumped ounces EVERYWHERE! Perhaps if I had thought to use a funnel (does seem like a simple “duh!”) Thanks for saying it for all of us that never thought it!