Too Tarts SmartChoice spray candy masks bitter medicine flavor

Before you scoff at this hack (as I did when I heard the words "spray candy"), read on. Jessica’s onto something:

The last two times my five year-old son has been prescribed cough medicine the taste has been completely awful. The pharmacist will add a flavor for an additional $5 but it still is not enough to mask the bitterness. So, I bought him some Too Tarts SmartChoice candy spray (it costs less than a dollar) and let him spray some in his mouth before and after he downs the medicine. As it turns out the spray is not bad all, it’s made from real juice with no refined sugar and comes in a variety of flavors both sour and sweet. Now instead of my begging him to take his medicine he asks for it as soon as he wakes up.

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  1. The Bear's Mom says

    Is this an aspertame or sucralose product? I was on the site and couldn’t find info…

  2. makila says

    The Targets in Portland have these in the clearance endcaps and at the checkouts for $.75. I bought a few for future use. Great hack!