“Supercharge” bubble bath with a whisk

Jaimi’s one sentence hack will keep tub-goers happy:

To maximize a bubble bath, or to revive sad looking suds, use a whisk — you’ll need to use much less soap.

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  1. Winston says

    My wife recalls using a wisk this way when she was a kid. But when we’ve tried it with our kids, it made the bubbles go away. I guess it depends on the product you’re using for the bubbles.

  2. Sandy says

    So far, the best bubble bath I’ve found is the one made by Melaleuca. It makes good bubbles, and it’s non-irritating. It actually even moisturizes!

  3. Brenda says

    We use a silicone coated whisk to prevent the tub from being scratched. It works like a CHARM – almost lost the kid once in the suds!

  4. MamaBunnyCo says

    We’ll have to try the whisk.

    We have a couple of those nylon mesh things that hold soap (called bath puffs, maybe?), and hang one from the faucet. We put the bubble bath on it and run the water over it.

    It seems to make more bubbles than pouring the bubble bath directly into the water.

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