Straightening iron flattens curly bangs so you can trim them at home

Rednexmama came up with an excellent haircut hack:

I refuse to spend $10 just to get my daughter’s bangs cut, but it can be more than a little challenging since she has naturally curly hair and it’s next to impossible to get them cut straight. Even if I wet them down, they dry fast enough to start kinking up right quick. This is when it occurred to me to use my hair straightener to get them pin straight (it only takes one quick pass, 2 seconds, tops). This way, in two quick cuts she can be on her way.

Of course you need to know your kid will sit still enough not to risk burning them, but otherwise this is awesome. And to be honest, trying not to nick her with the scissors and I checked the straightness for the tenth time seemed much more dangerous than the couple of seconds it took with the straightener. If you’re worried, you could always tuck a dry washcloth between her hair and her forehead.

‘Amelie’-style bangs
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  1. lee says

    Hehe. My mom used to wet my bangs down with water, paste a strip of scotch tape all the way across where she wanted to cut, and zzzzip, perfectly straight bangs before they could fly away in every direction.

  2. Rebecca says

    I take blue painters tape, de-stickify it a little by putting it on my clothes , then sandwich my daughters bangs in the tape, front and back. I then can cut a very straight line and there are no tiny hairs flying in eyes because they are caught in the tape.

  3. rednexmama says

    I’ve actually tried the tape thing myself, but my daughter’s bangs are so thick that there is inevitably hair that escapes anyway, and then I’m back to square one anyway. And trust me, with super-wavy/curly hair, even with the tape, it’s impossible to get a perfectly straight line because it waves above the tape itself. Hence the perfectly pin straight hair.

  4. Louise says

    If your daughter has curly hair, you might want to pick up the book Curly Girl. Bangs are the sworn enemy of anyone with curly hair! Even if you cut curly hair “perfectly straight,” it will curl back up as soon as it dries. Curly hair is actually much easier to cut than straight hair, because it is more forgiving. It’s supposed to be cut dry to make the cut more accurate (because curly hair “shrinks” when it dries, if you cut it wet, you don’t know how short you’ve made it until it dries).