Puffy paints make socks non-slip

Marie in Alaska deals with cold tootsies much of the year. She's found an economical way to make her son's socks slip-free:

When my toddler started walking, the kitchen floor became a slipping danger. We live in Alaska and it is cold more than it is warm, so allowing him to run around without socks was unacceptable. I bought a few pairs of socks with the non-slip designs on the bottom but it was hard paying so much for socks my little guy would outgrow so fast. I realized that the non-slip stuff on the socks felt very similar to the 'puffy' kinds of paints people use to draw designs on cloth craft projects. A pack of plain white socks and 3 tubes of puffy cloth paint later and we have ten pairs of non-slip socks that prevent my little guy from slipping across the kitchen! The best part is that we got ten pairs of socks for about $13. My husband and I had fun coming up with designs and words to draw/write on our son's socks! I'm actually looking forward to when he needs  the next size up!

We've been using them for a couple months now and they've held up well. A couple have cracked a little but I think it is more because I didn't "stretch" those pairs before I painted them. And you do have to remember to turn them inside out when you throw them in the washer, which hasn't really been an issue for us but I guess could be for others.

My own preschooler is reluctant to wear her socks in the house after having one too many slips.  I think I'll try this as a mother-daughter art project and see if "designing" her own socks gets her excited about wearing them.

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  1. SJ says

    My son actually loves when his socks are slippery – he gets a big kick out of skidding on the hardwood floor.

  2. OA says

    I’ve actually tried this, and think it’s great both as a craft project and as a practical/economical solution to slippery floors.

    While it works great on linoleum, though, I’ve had trouble finding paint that retains enough “stick” when dry to be effective on hardwood or tile floors… is there a particular brand or type you’ve had more success with?


  3. pekmez says

    It seems like a fine craft idea, but I’ve also had perfectly good luck with the socks with non-skid things printed on them being as cheap as the ones without – $1.30 a pair seems to cover most of the discount stores prices especially if you buy on sale.

  4. KW says

    This is a fun idea but I have also found that you can find the non-skid socks for pretty cheap if you look around. I picked up a ton of pairs on sale at Old Navy a couple months ago for 99 cents each.

  5. kittenpie says

    What KW said – Old Navy’s are so cheap, I never buy socks anywhere else. They are non-slip AND all-cotton, which can be tough to find elsewhere.

  6. Erin says

    I am TOTALLY doing this. I think I’ll puff-paint our last name on the socks so when we lose one at daycare they will know it belongs to us (since we all seem to buy the same socks at Wal-mart!) Thanks!!!

  7. Kristin says

    I tried this “hack” and found that after a couple washings the puffy paint became just a slick and the non-painted sock. :( Looking for another way to make homemade grippy socks…

  8. Lisa says

    I was just wondering to myself last night if this would work so I looked it up online and came across your post. I’ll definitely give it a try.