Parent Hacks admin: Spring Break, ahhh

As you may have noticed, my updates have been a bit…delayed the last few days. Just enjoying a bit of Spring Break laziness with the kids. It feels so good to unplug and revel in the freedom of "what shall we do today?"

I hope you’re all having/had/about to have wonderful breaks. Hopefully you won’t even see this post till you get back from your own offline adventures.


  1. hedra says

    We enjoyed it a lot. So did my mom, who had all four kids for the week. Including overnights. Mommy/Daddy vacation!

    It was nice to discover that we function just fine as an adult couple, still connect, still enjoy each-others’ company, etc. No drift.

    And it gave us a chance to really MISS the kids, and for them to miss us (but not too much – there was some grumping about going home, until I mentioned we were visiting some friends for dinner the first night back). They did some museum visits, and some projects, and when I picked them up they were finishing up making mobius strips, after having spent much of the day going through Baba’s mineral and gem collection in detail.

    It’s like practice having them off at college, learning cool stuff and ‘growing up’, only I knew where they were, what they were eating, who they were with, and what time they got home and went to sleep. ;)

  2. JCApple says

    We unplug every Tuesday night. No TV, no computer, no radio. Just family time, games, music, story reading (telling) and more. We also did the Earth Hour the other night, turning off all of our lights and equipment for an hour and running around the house with LED candles. Super fun!