Decorate baby’s room with discount wallpaper

Sable’s nursery decorating on the cheap: We recently started to discuss themes for the baby’s room (I’m pregnant). Again and again we realised that regardless of the theme, whatever we wanted to do would no doubt end up costing us a ridiculous amount. So, I came up with a plan. In most wallpaper stores, there […]

links for 2008-03-22

Easter 4-in-1 Printable Activity Page at Printables for Kids Thanks, Charlene! Crafts With Kids: Fabergé Eggs | GNMParents Fun! Baby Toolkit: Whispers in the Storm: My Grandmother’s Toddler Tantrum Secret I may as well just link to EVERY Baby Toolkit post. Always wonderful. Put your babysitter on a retainer » Rookie Moms Smart advice. Date […]

Amazon Friday sale: My beloved DustBuster

Of all my small appliances, my DustBuster is the most beloved. These mini-vacuum cleaners have improved in recent years — they really do suck (in the best possible way). I have a DustBuster on each floor to motivate myself to clean up little messes as they happen. Better yet — to motivate my kids to […]

Dye raw eggs for Easter

Here’s how Daphne avoids the inevitable hard-boiled egg inundation that comes with Easter egg decoration: Every year for Easter, my five-year-old boys are wildly excited about decorating eggs. There is a week of anticipation, thirty minutes of setup, and five minutes of furious dunking. By the time they have plopped the eggs back into the […]

Oft-forgotten germ spreader: lip balm!

Lisa’s on the germ hunt: My family has been passing the cold bug around to one another. So I’ve been trying to catch all the ways that our germs are spreading (buying new toothbrushes, careful with sharing cups etc). I just realized one germ factory that I had overlooked – CHAPSTICK! My 22-month-old LOVES lip […]