Organize pumped breastmilk in a six-pack carton

Beer-breastmilk caddyA smart way to keep those tiny bottles of pumped breastmilk organized in the fridge! From Robin:

I pump milk several times a day trying to keep up my supply for a baby who is, shall we say, not the most motivated eater. Since I’m pumping after he eats, and I have a low supply, I get tiny little bits of milk at a time (usually < 1 oz.). At the end of the day I have anywhere from 1-4 oz.

Periodically I’ll combine these into a bottle but until I do, I need to keep the bottles organized. Putting labels directly on the bottles seemed like kind of a pain (since I go through so many little bottles, I would spend as much time labeling as pumping!).

My husband came up with a better idea. We use a beer six pack. I stapled paper on both sides of it and divided each sheet into 3 columns, one column per slot. After I pump I drop the bottle in a slot and write the date on the paper below. When I combine, I just combine the bottles, then drop them in the slot with the oldest date (to make sure I use it in time). When a bottle is used up I cross out the date below.

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  1. says

    What a fabulous idea! I’ve always thought labeling individual bottles was a pain. This is a very creative and useful solution. Plus I am sure it could be used for other things as well!

  2. says

    We’ve been writing dates on thick rubber bands, but this is better. Plus…now we have an excuse to go buy a six pack of something….;-)

  3. Melanie says

    My husband and I use this for organizing any small jars/containers in the fridge door since most of them fall through the ledge. Mustards, soy sauce, wasabi tubes, etc…

  4. Amy M says

    I use a six-pack carton for organizing breastmilk too. I’ve been finding it pretty easy to make my date labels with sharpies on masking tape. I stick them to the tops so that I can see the dates on each bottle while they are in the carton.

  5. says

    Another idea:

    I pump into glass Evenflo bottles (which fit perfectly on the Medela Pump in Style, by the way) and then write the date in Sharpie right on the bottle. The ink scrubs off easily when I clean the bottles. Using the glass bottles as storage (fridge or freezer) as well as for feeding, I never have to transfer milk between containers.

  6. Bella Mommy says

    You can write on any bottle plastic or glass with a dry erase marker. (the kind you use on white boards) It wipes off easily and doesn’t damage the bottle.

  7. kytyn says

    We always just used a Sharpie marker to write on our bottles. Though it’s supposedly ‘permanant’ it comes off of glass and hard plastic easily when you wash. (I’d be afraid that dry erase would rub off when I’d go to turn them or something but I’m kinda clumsy)