Nonslip shelf liner keeps the potty chair from sliding

So smart. From Marta:

I keep the potty chair from skidding around by cutting a little mat out of nonskid shelf liner! The mat goes under the potty and the kid stays upright.

Nonslip shelf liner keeps tablecloth from slipping
Non-slip shelf liner helps keep toddlers in their chairs


  1. Katie says

    I have nonslip shelf liner under my son’s booster seat at the table. While the booster seat is strapped to the chair, there is a little wiggle room. With the shelf liner the booster chair does not wiggle and my nice wood chair remains nick and gouge free.

  2. JJ says

    I put the non-slip stuff that you use under a rug to keep out changing table from slipping on top of the dresser. It works like a charm.

  3. maura says

    A related hint is to add a superabsorbent microterry wipe (auto dept!)between the potty and the nonslip pad. It catches all those little drips and splashes.

  4. Emily says

    You guys are all so smart! My daughter just started peeing in her potty two days ago and I kept pushing the thing up against the wall so it didn’t slide on our floor tile. This is a great hack (and the additional comment about putting a cloth under it was also helpful).