links for 2008-03-03


  1. Sleepycat says

    While this looks cool if you have unlimited texting on your plan, for those of us that don’t, Jott ( is the way to go. I just found it through a tech blog last week and am loving it. You dial a toll-free number and leave a voice note that Jott transcribes and then emails to you or someone else. You do have to speak clearly and would be even better if you have a hands-free gizmo in the car.

  2. David says

    This is David, I work at kwiry.

    We’re glad you think kwiry sounds cool, and we agree that Jott’s a good service. We’ve actually integrated Jott into kwiry, for those times when you want to send in a kwiry by voice.

    We think there are lots of times you might want to send yourself a reminder via text (on a crowded bus for instance.) With kwiry your reminders are stored at and sent to you via email with a link to search results from Google, Amazon, iTunes and others so you can quickly connect with what you’re looking for.

    Let me know what you think once you try it out. You can comment again here or drop us a line at Thanks,