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  1. Sage says

    I think the author of the article underplays this subject–aside from the issue of predators, he barely touches on the kind of material kids can unknowingly be exposed to. Just a few hours ago, I was doing a google search for “roast a turkey breast” and one of the results appeared to be a recipe discussion forum, but when I clicked on it, it started to load the page and then suddenly switched to Porn Tube (which I didn’t even know existed) and was literally playing a porn video in that split second, as well as trying to download something to my Mac. I don’t know whether a filter could block something like that (I sure hope so), but I find it very disturbing that not only can kids easily access that kind of material, but it can actually be forced upon them, like it was on me (I had to use option/apple/esc to get my browser to close and get that hideous image off my screen).

  2. says

    the internet is NOT dangerous, per se, any more than a park, forest, or room is.

    Of ‘risky’ behavior like porn use, there is also a disturbing trend to voyeurism/exhibitionism via realtime chat/video services. This makes sexting seem innocuous by comparison.

    your teen boys want porn.. among other things

    if they can’t get it from your house, it won’t take long to determine it’s YOUR house causing the blockage.

    They’ll learn about bringing their own boot disc or USB flash drive to the machine: this will circumvent both local software and upstream proxies. Your ACLs are not in place if the underlying OS/kernel is not running.

    If you go the software route you MUST also physically lock down the tangible hardware… much as you would if you ran a cyber/gaming cafe.

    physical lockdown will also prevent them importing porn from a computer outside your house.

    naturally the next up teen circumvention is to BYOD. (Bring Your Own Device). If they have a wired ethernet port: game over (faster). If wireless they’ll employ password cracking. At this point you’ll need to investigate running a RADIUS server. Then they’ll look to cracking neighbor’s wireless.

    At this point it’s a losing batter. If you haven’t already instilled strong morality in your children starting at the teen-porn phase is nearly too little too late.

    You can, however, use this as an opportunity to discuss- and value chastity. This is NOT synonymous with abstinence.

    BOTH married and single people alike are called to be chaste.

    porn is not a release to their desire.

    Porn is a vehicle to avoiding self discipline and avoiding a practice of virtue.

    Porn is a portal to illicit sexual acts

    Of course sex is SAFE as is anything else in the proper context: As abusing any other power- or ability has negative, undesirable consequences.

    It is from love that they will be able to regulate their actions towards justice. Measures without a focus on this truth will be counterproductive.