Keep a quick-grab snack bag packed

From Debbie:

We keep a reusable lunch-type bag in our cupboard stocked with various nonperishable snacks (one of each type per child) so that we can grab it at a moments’ notice; say for that trip to the ER after our son sticks his hand in yet another animal’s mouth.

Spontaneity is SO much easer when you do a little legwork ahead of time. This hack is great for non-emergency situations too — such as when Spring fever hits you and you MUST grab the kids and go for a hike IMMEDIATELY.

Snack-packing for road trips
Make healthy snacks easiest to grab


  1. Jess says

    Great idea. We took this one step further and bought a small, cheap, gym bag and keep it in the back of our vehicle. We keep snacks, bottled water, extra clothes (especially of potty training), some large ziplock bags, sunscreen, small first aid kit and anything else we typically forget or wish we had when we’re out running errands.

  2. says

    I do this for myself as well, filling bags with 100 calories worth of cheez-its (about 22), kisses (about 5), and goldfish (about 35). Takes a few minutes and is so much less expensive than buying the pre-packaged kind. I keep them in large ziplock plastic containers.

  3. Tiffany says

    We keep containers of GORP (mix of pretzels, dry cereal, chocolate morsels, goldfish, nuts,etc.–whatever you like) on hand for the kids. They can easily be beefed up with whatever you have on hand–easy to keep the mix going for a good long while. It’s also easy to mix in some really healthy treats as well as a few sweet treats.

  4. says

    I keep this in my son’s diaper bag all the time. I try to always keep 2-3 kinds of healthier dry snacks, such as crackers, dry cereal, raisins, packed in the bag. In fact, my son now identifies it as the snack bag.

    Good idea to keep it up after potty training though.

  5. Samantha says

    Somewhere it is Spring? I vaguely remember Spring…there was something called grass right?
    (posted from New England in the height of mud season)

  6. Sandy says

    We no long use a diaper bag for our 3.5 yo but have one of his backpacks (he got 3 last year for b-day & x-mas gifts) stocked in the car with 2-3 snack packs of crackers, 2 books – 1 to read and 1 ‘I Spy’ – one of the book drive magazines so he can enjoy pictures and a couple of cars and a couple of the kid’s meals toys, a change of underwear and shorts, and a short beach towel. I can tell you that all of that helped greatly when we make an impromptu trip to the beach last weekend–the bag had not been opened since early January but I was glad I did not have to pack in a hurry.