Freeze pacifiers for teething relief

Amy’s got a good pacifier hack:

My 16 month-old son has always been attached to his pacifier, and has had a tough time cutting teeth. So, I run his pacifiers under the faucet, and squeeze the bulb portion under the running water. The water gets pulled into the bulb portion. I then pop them in the freezer. When Maddox gets fussy, there is nothing better to him than a “cold pap pap.” And he loves to open the freezer door to get it himself. Of course, after he is finished with it, I sterilize it and repeat the process to prepare for the next episode.

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  1. Anonymous says

    except that if water can get into the pasifier its time to throw it out. Think of the bacteria that is living inside that *almost* sealed rubber – GROSS!

  2. Katherine says

    Water can get into Nuk stage 2 pacifiers when they’re brand new. Not sure why that is. I didn’t notice it with the stage 1 ones.

    And honestly — I don’t sterilize pacifiers unless they’ve landed in poo, or it’s been like months since they got washed. I have literally picked up a pacifier from the floor of the A concourse at BWI and put it in my baby’s mouth. She’ll be outside eating dirt soon enough anyway.

  3. jessica says

    This is a great idea…it’s also come in handy for my 22 month old when she has taken some spills and banged her mouth on the floor or furniture. She will not let me put ice on it, so we freeze the binkies. It works great for the swelling!