Amazon Friday sale: My beloved DustBuster

Of all my small appliances, my DustBuster is the most beloved. These mini-vacuum cleaners have improved in recent years — they really do suck (in the best possible way). I have a DustBuster on each floor to motivate myself to clean up little messes as they happen. Better yet — to motivate my kids to clean up the little messes.

The DustBuster we’ve got at home (CHV9600 9.6-Volt Cyclonic DustBuster) is featured in today’s Amazon Friday sale for $24.99 — 50% off the usual price.


  1. says

    Thanks for the heads up. I read all the great reviews and ordered one. I’m terrible about using my regular vacuum cleaner (despite the fact that it’s plugged in right in our dining area), so hopefully going cordless will help me, and if nothing else, we can use it to clean the cars.

  2. JCApple says

    Dear Sage, It does make a difference huge difference being cordless. I also got one of these recently
    Electrolux EL1000B Pronto Stick Vacuum
    It is cordless too and I love being able to grab it, not worry about plugs, and do a quick vacuum over whatever snack has been spilled most recently. It has a dustbuster you can remove form the handle – so really it is a two-in-one. Check the photos. Love It!