links for 2008-03-31

How to Make a “Unique” Diaper Cake. Ha! : Hotspots : Alpha Mom™ A little twist on the classic baby shower centerpiece. Thanks, Isabel! What Not to Say to the Pediatrician – Well – New York Times Blog Some great tips here. Thanks for the pointer, Susanne!

For the kid who can’t keep his hands off the card-swipe machine at the grocery store: a calculator

Are those credit card swipe machines kid magnets or WHAT? Hillarie’s onto something: My son is three and loves to "help" when I am trying to pay for the groceries. His help consists of pushing the debit/credit card machine and many times his help causes me to have to re-swipe the card, etc. I will […]

Parent Hacks admin: Spring Break, ahhh

As you may have noticed, my updates have been a bit…delayed the last few days. Just enjoying a bit of Spring Break laziness with the kids. It feels so good to unplug and revel in the freedom of "what shall we do today?" I hope you’re all having/had/about to have wonderful breaks. Hopefully you won’t […]

Wean kids off sugary breakfast cereal by mixing it with the unsweetened version

Daphne’s hack struck a nerve, because sugar cereal happens to be one of my hot-button issues. I like to think I’m pretty moderate and open-minded about most things — including junk food — but sugar cereal sends me straight to the soapbox. How corporations can market that stuff to children as breakfast…grrrr. BUT. Have I […]

Nonslip shelf liner keeps the potty chair from sliding

So smart. From Marta: I keep the potty chair from skidding around by cutting a little mat out of nonskid shelf liner! The mat goes under the potty and the kid stays upright. Related: Nonslip shelf liner keeps tablecloth from slipping Non-slip shelf liner helps keep toddlers in their chairs

“Supercharge” bubble bath with a whisk

Jaimi’s one sentence hack will keep tub-goers happy: To maximize a bubble bath, or to revive sad looking suds, use a whisk — you’ll need to use much less soap. Related: Lots of good bathtime hacks await in the Bathtime archive.

Use a funnel to fill baby bottles (duh)

Zulima’s hack made me laugh – I don’t know if this has been mentioned before, but I use a funnel to fill up my baby’s bottle. "What," you say! Yes, I am a butterfingers and when the milk gallon is new and quite full, I will end up spilling some of it when I pour […]