White noise between radio stations helps kids nap in the car

Here's how Mama D gracefully handled an awkward snatch of time that was too big for an activity, but too small for a nap:

This hack had a 50% success rate on its maiden voyage, enough to make me think it may work for half the world's children.

Between my son's (3YO) noon preschool end and my daughter's (2.5YO) 2PM doctor appointment, I didn't have enough time to properly nap them. As I drove around with two sleeping, post-lunch-in-car toddlers, I turned on the AM radio between the stations for some white noise. When we arrived at our destination, the soothing lullaby of road and A/C noise stopped, but the white noise of the AM radio remained. It was enough of a transitional noise to keep my daughter asleep for over an hour. (I chose to have quiet time in the doctor's parking lot rather than getting them in and out of bed at home.)

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  1. ginger says

    I have also found that while driving, I could crack two car windows just a tiny bit, making a white noise. For my youngest. It was instanto-nappo.

  2. Laura says

    We call the white noise station The Fuzz in my house. It worked when our son was under 4 months to calm him down in the car.

  3. Jill in Atlanta says

    White noise makes me extremely tense and I hate, hate, hate it. Be aware that there are probably some kids who react that way also.

  4. LisaS says

    I’m with Jill … the faintest bit of static (another word for white noice) sets my teeth on edge.

  5. twinsanity says

    Static would certainly put me over the edge in a few minutes. I really can’t stand most white noise. Soft instrumental lullabies in the car have always worked wonders for our twins.

  6. jontyhoe says

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