Valentine hack: Turn fabric scraps into window decorations

Fabric Valentine window decorationsBy now, we expect brilliance from Rookie Mom Whitney, and she doesn't disappoint:

My husband says they are hideous, but we already have window decorations up for Valentine's day, and my three- year old BOY says, "I love them. They are beautiful."

I got out all my fabric and told him that Valentine's colors are red, pink and purple. We picked out any fabric with those colors and spread them across the floor. I cut symmetrical hearts by folding pieces in half and then cutting a tear-drop shape. Our quick and dirty method of decorating was to tape the hearts to our front window.  If my partner in crime were seven- or eight years old instead of three, I would have cut smaller hearts to glue in the larger ones, and then safety pinned them to a long piece of ribbon. But my son has no patience for a 30-minute project.  Our method took about ten minutes.

Since we're trying to declutter (always), I was happy to make use of some scraps!

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  1. Susan says


    I think it is a nice soft touch for valentine decorating instead of those paper hearts ones we always make.

    You can always use fabric glue to put on ribbons as vertical streamers too. Or even fabric tape.

  2. Amy says

    This is such a cute idea! I love to decorate our kitchen window with the fun things the kids make. We did leaves pressed in wax paper for the autumn theme. I will have to do this- Rookie Moms rock! :)

  3. Parent Hacks Editor says

    Sorry, Whitney! We obviously expect brilliance from you, too! I apologize for my flub…I knew this was from you but my fingers typed “Heather.” Fixed.

  4. Elliot's Mom says

    You can also use translucent vinyl (available by the yard at fabric stores)to make your own window clings. It comes in various pastel colors which are nice for Easter or Valentine decorations. I use cookie cutters as templates to cut heart, egg, and bunny shapes. You could also make letters, numbers, or whatever else you can dream up. You can stick several layers of vinyl together and cut them out all at once with regular scissors. If you are making easter egg decorations, stack a sheet of pink, blue, green and yellow together and cut out an egg shape. Before peeling apart the eggs, cut them into several segments by cutting a zigzag or wave across the egg. Then, when you separate the segments, you will have one of each segment in each of the four colors. You can then mix them up to have four different multicolored eggs. Once you have cut them out, just press them on to a clean dry window.

  5. says

    I totally love this! And my 3 year old will, too. :) Thank you thank you!