Valentine hack: Celebrate with your spouse the weekend after

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A Valentine hack for which procrastination may actually work in your favor:

It's not terribly romantic, but my husband and I have a tradition of celebrating Valentine's Day on a different day– typically the weekend before or after, preferably the one that's further from the 14th.  Restaurants are less crowded, it's possible to get a babysitter, and if I get flowers they're in better shape and cheaper!

Actually, Ellen, I think any occasion for a night out together is romantic.

If you time it properly, you could even score a fancy box of Valentine chocolates for half-price.

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  1. Sean says

    Great tip, we have been doing the same thing for the past few years. Now that we have a kid we will also take a day off from work. That way we get all the previous benefits you stated and there are no additional babysitting costs.

  2. Miriam Lovell Dyer says

    My husband and I went out to eat the day after V-day and we got free dessert because, I believe,

    a) we looked like we were happy and in love, and
    b) they wanted to get rid of all the extra heart-shaped chocolate decadent cakes from the night before.

    We didn’t mind. We also received great service because they just weren’t busy.
    Of course, if everyone is taking these tips, that may cease to be the case.