Valentine hack: Pancakes with powdered sugar hearts

Pamela's sweet Valentine's breakfast is a treat for the whole family:

I like to do something special for my family first thing in the morning, so I make pancakes and then put a heart template on top of one before sprinkling powdered sugar.  After removing the template, a pretty dusting of sugar is left in the outline of a heart.

Oh, and a hack within a hack:  to do a quick dusting of powdered sugar, instead of dragging out the whole bag and a sifter, keep a small Ziploc full of sugar and a tea steeper (the kind with mesh that is used for loose tea) inside it.  You can pull it out easily and then just put the steeper back in the bag, with no clean up needed.

You could do this with cinnamon toast, too. Mmmm.

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  1. Annette says

    I like to make heart shaped “egg middles”: I cut a heart out of the center of a slice of bread, put into a lightly buttered medium-hot skillet, crack an egg into the heart, then add a sprinkling of salt and pepper to the egg. Flip when the bread is golden brown. The cute little heart cut-outs can be cooked in the pan as well. It’s a seasonal twist on eggs and toast!