Valentine hack: Homemade chocolate roses are easier than you might think

What a lovely idea — great for older kids who get a kick out of using the stove. From Leah:

My students do a fundraiser every year for Valentine's Day by making candy roses and selling them. It's actually a pretty easy project: you buy candy-making chocolate (we've had it in milk, dark and white), sticks, and the molds. (As I said, we do roses, but I bet craft stores sell molds in other shapes, like hearts.)

You melt the chocolate in a double boiler (or we actually just use a Pyrex in a pot of water on a hot plate). Pour in mold, insert stick. Put in mold in freezer for a few minutes to set.

Because our kids sell them, we buy packets of "wrapping". But depending on the distribution, you could leave them as is, or you could just use a sandwich bag, colored cellophane, or something else easy to cover the top.

We call them "candy rose grams" and attach a business-card size note to each one.  (one-hole punch the card stock and tie it with ribbon)

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  1. Will says

    Not a bad idea, but avoid the freezer. It’ll ruin the temper of the chocolate and will not only lead to a grainy texture, but also will cause the chocolate to be more prone to melting prematurely.

  2. Annette says

    I agree with Will: chocolate should never be put in the freezer. And the thought of school candy grams reminds me of how much I hated Valentines’ day in high School!

  3. Hayley says

    Ah, but Will, Leah specifically mentions using candy-making “chocolate”, not the real thing. The candymelts, as they’re known around here, are mostly veg fats & wax & don’t need to be tempered. Hence the easy factor!

  4. Tiffany says

    Well, I definitely know what the teachers will be getting this year. Fantastic! Thanks, Leah.

  5. Aruni says

    I think anything chocolate (even if it has been frozen for a little bit) is great…except if you are on a diet. :-)

    Our kid’s school actually encourages bringing things other than candy.

  6. Jennifer Emick says

    There’s an easier way to do can but two hershey’s kisses end to end, wrap in red cellophane, and attach to a florist’s wire stem with florist’s tape. The result is a pretty convincing rosebud.

    If you want to use real chocolate for a project but keep the temper, melt the chocolate on the low setting (on waxed paper) of a heating pad – the sort you get from the drugstore. This keeps the temperature low while still melting the chocolate.