Valentine hack: Gift cards for teachers

Michelle's adapted a popular holiday teacher gift for Valentine's Day:

My newest favorite thing to do (for teachers and camp counselors and bus drivers and all of those people you want to recognize but don't want to spend too much money on … ) will be adapted this year for Valentine's Day.

Get a cheapy tiny red gift bag (or crafty types could make a construction paper envelope I suppose) and place in it some $5 gift cards to coffee places, 7-11s, places like that. This has been a super hit with everyone so far, economical for me and reinforces the concept of appreciation for my kids (I like to think).

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  1. Jeana says

    My husband is a teacher and he appreciates gift cards so much! It’s so nice for him to be able to pick out a treat for himself on his own time.

  2. katy says

    When my kids reached middle and high school, I couldn’t afford to give gift cards. With 3 kids and 6 teachers each…do the math…that’s too much $$$.

    So I go to Costco and buy a big bag of something – candy, nuts, etc. and put them in cute cello bags for each teacher. It comes out to about $2 a teacher. At least it’s something.

    I’d like to hear anyone’s better ideas.

  3. Karen says

    I am a teacher and I loooove the coffee gift cards. It’s so much better than the candle, coffee mug, stuffed animal presents. (I’m an ingrate, what can I say?)
    But honestly, it’s the letters from students that really mean something to me. It sounds corny, but it’s the absolute truth – the cards are better than the gifts.

  4. Zed says

    I LOVE the gift card idea for the winter holidays or for the end of the year gift, but I don’t think it’s necessary to give teachers presents for Valentine’s Day. A card is sufficient, in my opinion.

    I’m not buying anyone else gifts that day, so I don’t know why I’d buy one for the teacher.

    I personally think people can get carried away with gifts, but that’s just my opinion. I’m sure some would disagree.

  5. Grace says

    What a wonderful idea! My friends are elementary school teachers and while they do appreciate being appreciated, they sometimes get overwhelmed by the sweets.