Valentine hack: Add a little “homemade” to boxed character Valentines

Amazon: Spongebob Squarepants Valentine Cards (32) Pack Plus 35 StickersJill's subverting the dominant Valentine Character Paradigm! (Any mom that hacks @#$% SpongeBob is tops in my book.)

I'm one of those moms that doesn't allow characters to seep into my house very often. But since the kids' friends really love all the character stuff, I compromise for Valentine's Day. I buy (usually the year before, on sale) character Valentines, but then I make my kids cut them up to glue the images on paper hearts, adding stickers and doilies along with whatever characters we've got. Even Sponge Bob doesn't look too bad after he's been decorated with hearts and doilies!

PS. Please join me in welcoming "Jill from Atlanta" to the blogosphere — she's just started her own blog. Give her some PH love!

PSS. Mark February 15 on your calendar — that's the day to buy next year's Valentines!

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  1. Annette says

    So I’m not the only one…I can’t stand characters – they’re just so cheap and commercial looking to me!

  2. ann Pellegrino says

    Most licensed characters have coloring pages available to download. I use those images, print them out Valentine-sized on card stock and the kids get to color / paint / decorate them themselves. Another good compromise!