Underbed box under the clip-on highchair catches dropped food

Debbie's hack is sure to make us all slap our foreheads and wonder why we never came up with this ourselves:

Our one year-old daughter eats in a clip-on chair attached to our kitchen island. We put a large plastic "underbed" storage box under her chair to catch what she drops. Instead of sweeping or having to scrub a splat mat, we pick up the whole thing, carry it to the sink and give it a rinse with hot water. It's fast and I don't have to worry that she's picking up scraps that I haven't quite gotten to yet.

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  1. Betty says

    Those of you who suggest getting a dog — do you really think that’s a helpful hack? Yes, I can get a dog and save two minutes cleaning food from under my child’s high chair, but then I have a DOG to deal with, and that demands a hell of a lot more than two minutes.

  2. Molly says

    Wow–for years we’ve used an underbed box under the litterbox to make cleanup easier, but never thought of doing that with a high chair. Great hack!

  3. regandbabe says

    this is a great hack! if i didnt use the dog for this purpose i totaly would use it in fact since there are some thingsthe dog wont eat maybe i’ll use it anyway

  4. Pamela says

    Jay and Larry already wrote what I was going to say. And Betty – I know a dog is insane work, but I would rather do anything, including pick up dog poo, that wash my floors 3 x a day so for me a dog is worth it.

  5. Jill in Atlanta says

    The messes kids make at the table don’t stop when the high chair phase is over. (Sorry if you were optimistic.) I’ve considered a dog, but I can’t believe that they save more mess than they create. Poop aside, the doghair seems much worse than food that at least stays in one room. Now, there are plenty of other reasons to get a dog, but for cleaning purposes I just don’t buy it.

  6. Stacy says

    I certainly hope people are not suggesting that anyone take on the care of an animal in order to save them from cleaning food off a floor. That is absurd. Anyway… I think the underbed box is a great idea, but I am having trouble picturing it, is it just a long plastic box?