28 February 2008

Tie a ribbon around the doorknob to help out a forgetful Tooth Fairy

Amazon: Manhattan Toy Tooth Fairy Pals, PirateSuzy's come up with the perfect way to assist the Magical One with her dental "work":

Is the tooth fairy sometimes forgetful in your home? We find that ours sometimes flies right by accidentally. To correct this problem, we've put a ribbon (it reads "Lost Tooth") on the bedroom door so that when she flies by, she is more likely to notice. Well, still maybe not every time, but much better odds! :-)

Or, put the tooth itself in a Tooth Fairy pillow and hang it from the door!

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We've found the Tooth Fairy (after an errant flyby many years ago) has developed ninja-like stealth skills for early morning visits when her (or her assistant's) schedule slips.

I LOVE this idea!! I've got five kids, and at least five tooth pillows floating around my house. I must say our tooth fairy usually takes a couple of nights before she stops by! A door hanger reminder is PERFECT!!!

I LOVE this idea! The Tooth Fairy has "missed work" a couple of times in our crazy household, and I felt AWFUL.

Your suggestions are simple and perfect - thanks for sharing!

My tooth fairy could've used this hack..."mommy, why didn't the tooth fairy come AGAIN?"...*sigh*

This is a good one!

What does the Tooth Fairy give in your house?
When I was growing up, she gave a shiny dime, a shiny nickel and a shiny penny. At a certain age, she added in a shiny quarter.

When my son looses a tooth, he runs to the drawer to get the tooth fairy pillow! He likes to put it on the door because he doesn't want the tooth fairy to accidentally wake him up!!

When we got this pillow when he was born, it seemed like this day would never come...so it's a gift I like to give new parents because I so LOVE it!

With the exception of the two loose teeth that got kicked out (at Pump it Up), we give a "golden coin." It's a Sacagawea dollar and he just thinks it's the coolest!! In our neck of the woods, however, some of the kids get savings bonds.

I am NOT making that up :(

our toothfairy always leaves a single dollar folded up into a triangle...like the finger football game.

p.s. is our toothfairy going to hell?....she has been known to "borrow" the dollar from a piggybank

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