Put a rubber band around push toy wheels to slow them down

Regina’s got a smart hack for early walkers:

When kids are first learning to walk, their push toys generally go too fast. To slow my daughter down I put rubber bands around the front two wheels and now she is not scared it will run away with her!


  1. mikey says

    We had the run-away problem, too, so our daughter’s physical therapist recommended ankle weights for the toys. Since ankle weights typically have straps on them, you can just put them on some place (preferably low) on the push/walkers and it helps enormously. What’s better is you can have more weight to begin with, then decrease the drag by using lighter weights as your child gets more skilled with the increase in speed.

  2. Sandy says

    My twins solved the runaway push-toy problem by just turning the toy sideways! It still slid across the linoleum, but it didn’t go quite so fast.

  3. Emily says

    Very good idea! I am assuming you use the thicker rubber bands instead of the little ones? These would obviously provide more friction and be less likely to come off into little hands.