Parent Hacks: The Zen Habits Collection

Zen Habits

As part of our guest post swap, Leo Babauta asked me to choose twenty of my favorite tips and write them up as a post for Zen Habits. "Favorite" is impossible to capture because there's more wisdom and good will on this site than any list could cover, but it sure was fun going back through the archives. The post went up today — I hope you'll drop by Leo's place to say hi!

Top 20 Parent Hacks: Tips for Organization, Kid Optimization, and Happiness

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Thank you for making it so easy for me to pull together this list. The collective Parenthacker smarts always astounds me.

If you're here by way of Zen Habits, welcome! We invite to to have a look around the archives or to subscribe to the feed. To start with some classic Leo goodness, here's his recent guest post for Parent Hacks:

Ten ways to find time for your family — no matter how busy you are

And if you have a parent hack of your own that hasn't already been published on the site, feel free to pass it along! (You can check with a quick site search at the top-right corner of the page.)