Video game addiction. Talk amongst yourselves.

We are the happy owners of a Nintendo Wii. We fit the demographic to a T; the kids play a bit in the afternoon, and then Rael and I fire up Guitar Hero after hours. (I made a full confession on All in good fun, right? The dark side of electronic entertainment, in our […]

When one twin gets medicine, the other gets apple juice

Kristin's got the opposite "problem" many parents have — her kids want to take medicine! When one of my 2-year-old twin boys are prescribed medicine, it's inevitable that the non-sick boy will pitch a fit for medicine too. So…I have two dispensers ready to go, one with the real medicine and the other with apple […]

Pencil cup as toothbrush holder

The Hengsts have a solution for those fat, character toothbrush handles that don't fit into the holes of a regular countertop toothbrush holder: We have the problem in our house that kids' toothbrushes don't fit in the traditional toothbrush holders because of all the character handles, music playing handles, etc. So we improvised and use […]

Pets as social skills “teachers”

I've got so much to say about this hack (sent in anonymously), but I'll save my comments till after you've read it: I'm a single (widowed) mom to one daughter. We live in a very rural area so my daughter's interaction with other children was very limited until she attended Head Start. It also limited […]