Old socks as arm dribble-catchers

Beth has solved a problem I was NEVER able to solve myself! I had just resigned myself to sticky elbows for years!

I have a 2.5yo who loves fruit — watery, dribbly, messy fruit. It used to roll down his arms into his sleeves. If I rolled up his sleeves, it just rolled down to his elbows and gathered there. I decided to put the socks he's grown out of to use. I cut off the toes and now use the cuff like a tennis wrist band, to catch the drips. We keep a couple of pairs with his bibs so there nearby when we need them.

And yet another good use for the ever-hackable BabyLegs!

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  1. Stephanie Stewart says

    Problem solved! I had THIS same problem with food getting all over (and inside) my own daughter’s sleeves, so I made these things I called “Arm Bibs.” My friends liked them so much I went and found a knitting mill to make them and this year this mom started her own business (during naps and at night). I JUST got my “Up To The Elbows! Arm Bibs” back from the mill, and I launch online sales next week at http://www.armbibs.com. Why make your own when these are nicely hemmed so they don’t come undone in the wash? And they come in cute colors… which were all inspired by food stains (for instance: Smeared Avocado = green and Wandering Watermelon = pink). Oh, and they are about half the price of Baby Legs.

  2. Mol says

    This is where you need to go:
    These are THEE MOST Amazing new invention- and extremely well priced! They are incredible for crafty projects, messy foods, and foods that weren’t supposed to be messy but went south :) These arm bibs go on super easily and my kids love to wear them around well after craft and meal time.