Lower the highchair so your toddler can play the electronic keyboard

Raven's going to have a two year-old maestro in the family:

My 16 month-old loves to play around on our electronic keyboard. With all of the different instrument and style options available, who doesn't? Up until now, I've always held her on my lap to let her play since the little stool that came with the keyboard isn't exactly toddler-friendly. However, recently she wanted to play while I was making dinner — not a convenient lap time. So, I finally found a use for the height options on our highchair and, sliding the seat down to keyboard level, discovered the perfect toddler keyboard/piano seat. I strapped her in with the harness, removed the tray, and scooted her right up to the keyboard. It was definitely my Eureka moment for the day. Now she can happily sit at the keyboard and play all she wants, no mommy lap required.


  1. CodeCrafter says

    My almost 15 month old also loves our old keyboard. We went the route of just putting it on the floor right next to the couch in the family room and it has been a fixture there for many months now. That way we could run the power cord under the couch and plug it in where little fingers can’t reach and he gets to use it whenever he wants. My son does sometimes decided to dance ON the keys so I wouldn’t advise putting it on the floor if you are worried about damage being done to it!

  2. rowenamurillo@hotmail.com says

    I used to do this with my first child, but stopped when he could reach the piano by himself. Just today, the baby, who has learned how to climb, but hasn’t learned of the perils of falling yet, got up onto the piano bench while I was making lunch, and fell off bonk on her head.

    I totally forgot about the highchair-piano plan. Thanks for the reminder.