For a toddler, catching a ball is easier with a hat

Kelly sent this hack in while watching her father play catch with her daughter:

It can be frustrating to play catch with the little ones. They really want to but it's hard for them to catch a ball. Next time try playing catch with a hat or small shirt. It's so much easier for the little hands to get a hold of and they can play for a lot longer.

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  1. rachel says

    Scarves are the recommended starting point for jugglers. Makes sense that toddlers would be able to catch them more easily, too.

  2. Robin says

    My sister tied an old receiving blanket into a knot and left a short tail sticking out of the knot and this is great for playing catch with!

  3. sarah says

    I find balloons (just blown up normally) work well with older kids as well because they move at a slower pace than balls do. Obviously this only works inside.