Diapers fit nicely in the plastic wipes box

Lisa V.’s diapers-to-go hack:

If you have a child in diapers, use the refillable wipes packs (the smaller travel size in the soft package). Put the package of wipes into the original box (the regular full-size box). Then add a few diapers (they fit nicely!) Now you have a pack of wipes and dipes for going out.

I didn’t realize they could all fit together so nicely until recently and my son is 2!

I usually come up with the great hack right as my kid’s about to grow out of that particular solution. Sigh.

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  1. says

    THANK YOU! I’m about to take my 10 month old on a 2.5 hour plane ride, and this is such a great idea for the carry-on! I love parenthacks :)

  2. SJ says

    you can also just put a handful of wipes in a ziploc bag if you don’t have the travel size package.

  3. Dawn Smith says

    Ah! My daughter is just now pting. I love to organize things, and I wish I had found this hack/site sooner!