Computer desk as changing table

Jill found an ideal reuse for an old computer desk:

When our son was born, we basically put a crib into the room that had been our office. With company coming, we were forced to convert the baby's room into a real nursery to make room for little cousins who'd be sleeping on the floor. As we were packing up our desktop computer which we'd replaced with a laptop, it occurred to us that our small computer desk would make a perfect changing table. We use the printer shelf and CPU sections to store diapers/wipes/change pad covers, etc, and the change pad tightly straps onto the table top. It's perfect!

Clothes dryer as changing table
Kitchen utility cart as changing table


  1. Gwen says

    This kind of sounds like our own change table hack. We have a very small place and when we we getting ready to have our son we decided we needed a deep freezer. Since we have no room it is in the boy’s room. We used sticky velcro and a change pad and turned the freezer into our change table. The great thing is that it is higher than a lot of change tables so it is just the right height for us. As a bonus the boy has a magnetic surface for his leap frog toys.

  2. Jim says

    Yes, we’re in the ranks of people who used a desk/computer desk as a change table. It was the perfect height. But today we actually have a computer desk with a computer on it, which works almost as well! :)

  3. Julie says

    We built a changing table into the teeny tiny closet that was in the nursery. Basically, just took off the door, nailed some strips of wood around the perimeter and placed sheet of wood that was cut to fit (and stained) on the strips. We made it two levels so the changing pad and wipes are up top and the diapers (we use cloth) are below in a bin. There’s enough room beneath that to add in some plastic storage drawers from Target.

  4. Matt says

    My wife and I were flabergasted at the $200 price tag for rickety changing tables, and while walking past the tool center in Sears saw a rolly type tool box, also $200. Six drawers on ball bearings, large flat top which a changing pad would fit, holders for bottles around the top, and smooth rolling 6″ wheels made for handling heavy weight. We bought it, added the changing pad, and had a high-storage changing table that was easily wheeled around with one hand while holding the baby with the other.

    Sure, it didn’t match the crib or the decor, but 8 years later we have a tool box in the garage.

  5. Emily says

    We came up with something similar. Before remodeling our kitchen, we didn’t have alot of counter space. So we purchased a rolling kitchen island – wooden with chopping block top. After we redid our kitchen, we didn’t need the island any longer – so we stored it away for some future yet-to-be-determined use. When I got pregnant, I decided that it would make a perfect changing table. It had a drawer and shelves underneath for storage. I put a few baskets on the shelves to store all the diapering supplies and keep diaper rash creams, etc, in the drawer. I just gave it a coat of paint to match the baby’s room and viola, a sturdy and functional changing table – that easily rolls away from the wall for picking up those binkies and lotions and talcum powders that always seem to fall back there.