Color ‘n Kids Valentines winners!

Color n' Kids Valentines

Thank you for the wonderful Valentine's Day hacks! I'm not usually the crafty sort (much as I wish I were), but somehow valentines bring out the sentimentalist in me. Before I was a mother, Valentine's Day seemed like yet another manufactured shopping occasion. I've always loved the cards, but the candy and related flotsam? Ugh. Whether or not Valentine's Day has become a "Hallmark holiday," getting into it with the kids — watching them experience how good it feels to express one's affection for someone else — trumps whatever Scrooge-like skepticism I had in the past. Keep it simple, yes, but share the love, too.

I'll post your Valentines hacks all the way through February 14, but for now, I'd like to award my three randomly-chosen Valentine hackers their prize: a Stubby Pencil Studio care package of a set of Color 'n Kids Valentines and a box of soy crayons!

Will the following lucky ducks please email me with your mailing addresses?

  • Jennifer (of the lipstick kisses; hack forthcoming)
  • Kittenpie (there's only one!)
  • Melody (of the adorable "heart attack" idea)