Clear Valentine clutter by making a collage

Jill from Atlanta is really on the ball if this project is already done by February 15!

It wasn't until my house became littered with little Valentines that I remembered this trick. I had my kids gather up all the Valentine cards they'd received at school and make a collage with them on a piece of construction paper (front and back if needed). Now I have only one paper per child and it can "disappear" in a few days without me finding cards under sofa cushions for weeks.

Another idea: the very smart Valentine placemat!

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  1. Jill in Atlanta says

    “on the ball”? Asha! My kids walked in the door at 2pm and all those little cards started to scatter by 2:15. I’d pulled out the glue for collages and they’d made them before 2:30!

  2. artcoach says

    Another example of the power of collage making. The impact on the family is awesome! Keep up the great creativity.