Amazon Friday Sale: Pinzon Stainless Steel Mandoline

Have you ever used a mandoline? It's a slicing, grating and shredding powerhouse — makes fast work of these tasks without the cleanup hassle of a food processor. Plus, I have found that my kids prefer to eat the thinly-sliced vegies I can only produce with the mandoline.

I think it's a great time-saving tool to have in the kitchen, but I'm always surprised by how expensive they are. But I see that a nice, Pinzon stainless steel mandoline has popped up in today's Amazon Friday Sale for 50% off — it's $39.99 today (free shipping, too). A good deal for yourself or for the foodie in your life.

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  1. Al says

    These are great and very sharp. Use the safety holder. I left a fingertip behind one Easter. You can also get a cheaper version at virtually any chinese market.
    First post, great site.

  2. Matilda says

    I use the Zyliss, even though my husband refuses to touch it because of the danger factor. I like the results a lot, despite taking off a fingertip every so often if I’m not careful. Must focus on task at hand…

  3. dyann says

    I agree, these are great kitchen tools, but use the holder once you are past about 1/2 of the item. I too have cut myself more than once. I love mine especially for onions, potatoes and carrots. Thanks for the info, because mine is so well used the blade is too dull now.